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#fly2perth : Goodbye Perth!

[Travel in October/November 2015]

Last day! Though I took really long to finish this entire Perth trip, its really a wink when we were there! It’s been a really great trip for me partly because I was working almost every single days (include PH and Weekends), sleeping just 2hours from end May all the way to October. I have a great rest, great trip, have fun eating and touring around and putting more weight – see from my face, round like a moon :p On top of that, I get to meet 3 groups of friends whom I havent met for the longest time. Good to catch up :)

 photo IMG_5294 copy_zpsibfx4ppk.jpg
 photo IMG_5301 copy_zpsaknxvdjg.jpg
#officially goodbye!

We checked out of our hotel earlier, and decided to just go to the city and head into 1 cafe for our brunch. We went around and this caught our eyes, so yeah, we decided to give it a try! :D

 photo IMG_5314 copy_zpse4imqzdv.jpg
 photo IMG_5313 copy_zpsmfzcyo0y.jpg
 photo IMG_5315 copy_zpsdcnxsqxt.jpg
#we shared our brunch, most of the times, we shared because, we are both not big eater and this will be just nice for us! :)

And officially, headed off to the airport….

 photo IMG_5321 copy_zpsqctpsycv.jpg
Goodbye Perth, you have been awesome, way better than I ever imagine :) Thank you!

 photo IMG_5334 copy_zpsvpxmewse.jpg
Can SQ provide more choices next time? I got my rice with fish because, I just want the fish! haha :p 

Perth Day 10: Goodbye Perth!

Lunch: Kinky Lizard Espresso Bar (Address: 78a/20 Royal St, Perth WA 6004, Australia)
Hotel: Pier 21 Apartment Hotel

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#fly2perth : Day 9, Last Day :(

[Travel in October/November 2015]

Last day of the trip usually planned with something easy and simple, and we tried to keep it this way too. We supposed to have our Whale watching today but because of the sea is a little rough, they had to cancel today schedule. So, we didn’t manage to get another time slot since we were returning the next day. Hence, we just proceed Hillary for some walks since we supposed to head over there for our ferry! :)

 photo IMG_5198 copy_zpsepemogu4.jpg
#I always love the beaches at Australia, because its so clean and pretty! :)

 photo IMG_5207 copy_zpsfh625z70.jpg
#Hillary Harbour is pretty too! :)

 photo IMG_5208 copy_zpstjyosewi.jpg
 photo IMG_5212 copy_zpsxwgv9pf8.jpg
 photo IMG_5215 copy_zpslpt9pj12.jpg
#We just thought to head to a cafe for a snack and drink :)

 photo IMG_5216 copy_zpspkwksuor.jpg
 photo IMG_5218 copy_zpsxsucibmb.jpg
 photo IMG_5222 copy_zpsi6knq87r.jpg
 photo IMG_5230 copy_zpshvvg7tgf.jpg
 photo IMG_5236 copy_zpsmpygxsqe.jpg
#so-so :(

 photo IMG_5241 copy_zpsfuin8k8m.jpg

Since its our last day, we decided to meet my friends again as we will be heading back in the afternoon next day :( Junfong introduce us this Korean restaurants that he visited with his friends often. I have to say, Korean food in Australia really never fail. They always taste so good and yummy.

 photo IMG_5243 copy_zpsw2tybrjv.jpg
#Seafood Pancake

 photo IMG_5248 copy_zpscgpv8mvh.jpg
#Beef Stew

 photo IMG_5252 copy_zpslcmikif1.jpg
#Army Stew

 photo IMG_5271 copy_zpslurvpvxj.jpg
 photo IMG_5254 copy_zpsdduitkrc.jpg
#some BBQ

 photo IMG_5262 copy_zpsrh83cxgq.jpg
#Pork Belly Bossam, I dont usually eat Pork, but this is good man!

 photo IMG_5264 copy_zpsbj2tabad.jpg
#Zijie and Weiqi, whom already relocated back to Singapore :)

 photo IMG_5267 copy_zpszrdoznfw.jpg
#Group photo with Junfong and family + Zijie and Weiqi! :)


Perth Day 9: So fast, its last day! :(

Lunch: 3 Sheets (Address:28 Southside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025, Australia)
Dinner: Sinabro (Address:100 Francis St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia)
Hotel: Pier 21 Apartment Hotel

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#fly2perth : Day 8, Hot Air Balloon!

[Travel in October/November 2015]

We had a very very early sleep because we need to arrive at Avon Valley meeting point at 4am. That’s make us leaving our hotel by 2pm, and it means, sleep real early! But, its all worth for a Hot Air Balloon experience! :) Apparently, we were the only foreigners while the rest came from different part of Australia :)

After the meeting point, they will send us to the hot air balloon location and remind us not to bring any bags. We were only allowed to bring things that is able to contain in our pockets and camera are fine, as long take off and landing we have to keep within our jacket (etc).

 photo IMG_4969 copy_zpsxvlpdokj.jpg
Setting up the hot air balloon! :)

 photo IMG_4984 copy_zpsej6anmzx.jpg photo IMG_4989 copy_zps2kuqkdh8.jpg
 photo IMG_4998 copy_zps840tvzjk.jpg
one of my favourite shot! :D

 photo IMG_4983 copy_zpswnwibxjc.jpg
soon the sky was alot brighter by then! :)

 photo IMG_4994 copy_zpsn7ypsuly.jpg

and slowly we got on and off we flew~~ :)

 photo IMG_5005 copy_zpsfr6ktlj2.jpg
 photo IMG_5006 copy_zpsxktlgo6i.jpg
 photo IMG_5007 copy_zpsmwgf6nv5.jpg photo IMG_5001 copy_zpsyn4lb1gv.jpg
 photo IMG_5012 copy_zpsxlbfuhlu.jpg
 photo IMG_5014 copy_zpsaaeivnkj.jpg
 photo IMG_5015 copy_zpseah20nec.jpg
 photo IMG_5016 copy_zpsaa9zxvqq.jpg
 photo IMG_5035 copy_zpswbbnjxp7.jpg
 photo IMG_5037 copy_zpsr14cyszj.jpg
 photo IMG_5047 copy_zpsp0emzada.jpg
 photo IMG_5051 copy_zpsdhacmddh.jpg
That’s the guy who control the flying direction and thanks god we got safe and sound because of him too! :)

 photo IMG_5077 copy_zpsjavonzwm.jpg
 photo IMG_5087 copy_zpswdd6j7dj.jpg
 photo IMG_5091 copy_zpshdubzws5.jpg
 photo IMG_5096 copy_zpsfbhmimr5.jpg
Saw our shadow?

 photo IMG_5099 copy_zpsl3fxm84x.jpg
 photo IMG_5101 copy_zpszebnuy6k.jpg
And we landed! :D (Though i have minor injuries, but the experience was a little exciting towards the end. Quite interesting I would said. But definitely not a children activity!

 photo IMG_5108 copy_zpshw9mlw3v.jpg
 photo IMG_5113 copy_zps62uha35e.jpg
 photo IMG_5130 copy_zps2pizn9tn.jpg
 photo IMG_5131 copy_zps2byjsq6i.jpg

We headed over to a breakfast place to have our breakfast and champagne that is inclusive in the hot air balloon package! :) The spread was not bad pretty good, and the grandmother and grandfather who sit opposite us was really amuse by the big watermelon cover I had, and thought it was pretty abnormal hahahahaha! :P

 photo IMG_5134 copy_zpsvqrr3cip.jpg
 photo IMG_5136 copy_zps9ownzxea.jpg

It was a long tired day for us because of the little sleep & the long journey to and back. Hence, we decided to go back bath and have another rest before heading out for dinner at 5pm. And our dinner was the very famous Italian restaurant – Ciao Italia~~~

 photo IMG_5153 copy_zpsa882caqc.jpg
 photo IMG_5155 copy_zpsl06urkab.jpg
 photo IMG_5139 copy_zpsvuvo5tiv.jpg
 photo IMG_5140 copy_zpsumylyfky.jpg
 photo IMG_5142 copy_zps2lh3dbww.jpg
The most awesome calarmari we ever ate! Its so good so yummy so nice that we wished we had a longer trip and headed over for another visit again.

 photo IMG_5143 copy_zpsoiyrnjcc.jpg
It really deserve 2 pictures for this posting! haha :)

 photo IMG_5145 copy_zpsaufcwavu.jpg
We ordered a squid ink pasta in seafood carbonara sauce too! Its really good too. We doesn’t have enough stomach for dessert or pizza. Actually, we cant finished our food either haha. We actually do a take-away and have it again the next day as our brunch! :D

As much as we were really full, and not willing to go back to our hotel as its one of our last few nights in Perth before heading back to SG :( So we decided to go for a drink! We passed this cafe on our way back, and thought of might as well visiting this place. Its a random finds, and we thought it worth coming back again for their drinks and atmosphere! :)

 photo IMG_5156 copy_zpszuj6e1ot.jpg
 photo IMG_5157 copy_zpsc27mx2ps.jpg
 photo IMG_5160 copy_zpse12kllor.jpg
 photo IMG_5163 copy_zpskeyyyz8l.jpg
 photo IMG_5167 copy_zpsqqtzm8em.jpg
 photo IMG_5180 copy_zpswtzs6x6i.jpg
And we give in a lemon tart, even we are freaking full haha :/

 photo IMG_5181 copy_zpsvyczk2gg.jpg
Chai Latte~~~

 photo IMG_5190 copy_zpsqof1xr0z.jpg

Perth Day 8: Hot Air Balloon + the best calamari in the universe! :)

Morning Activities: Windward Balloon Adventures
Dinner: Dinner at Ciao Italia (Address: 273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia)
Cafe: May Street Larder (Address: 23/155 Canning Hwy, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia)
Hotel: Pier 21 Apartment Hotel

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#fly2perth : Day 7, Exploring a little bit of Fremantle

[Travel in October/November 2015]

Exploring a little more in Fremantle today! Before that, we moved to another of our accommodation located at North Fremantle, Pier 21 Apartment Hotel. We love it so much when we saw photos of it, and I’m really thankful to manage to find such an awesome view hotel. Basically, it overlook marina on the Swan River, which gave a really breathe-taking view that you can’t ask for more! :)

I will recommend friends and family who wanted to a trip in Perth, can definitely consider staying with Pier 21 Apartment Hotel. As we move around via car, so there wasn’t much issue for us.

 photo IMG_4855 copy_zpsmhyirlhf.jpg
And we were so surprised that we got a complimentary room upgrade to Riverside Suites. (This suite cost SGD330 per night!!!)

 photo IMG_4853 copy_zpsgtnyueux.jpg
Our suite has a really big living room area where we get to rest and do nothing. Basically nua-ing while watching tv shows! haha!

 photo IMG_4856 copy_zpsqc7imxmv.jpg photo IMG_4854 copy_zps0vo8ik3g.jpg
Oh yeah, we have a proper kitchen with oven too! If only we have more days here, we could and maybe even bake a cake! hahahahahahaha! We gonna have awesome dinner tonight, because we have awesome kitchen! :p

 photo IMG_4846 copy_zpsutos7zjq.jpg
The toilet was big too, connecting the shower room and the walk-in wardrobe! :)

 photo IMG_4847 copy_zpshm1d0nso.jpg
I super super in love with rain shower! :)

 photo IMG_4848 copy_zpsh5qnyhx9.jpg
We have yoga mat, we can even do yoga during our stay here! (no lah, we didnt do it haha!!!)

 photo IMG_4849 copy_zpscagozn6z.jpg
Our bed is really comfortable! :)

 photo IMG_4850 copy_zpswmrkfgoz.jpg
Yes we have a tv in the bedroom too! :) We can even watch our favourite Undercover Boss here too! :p

 photo IMG_4851 copy_zpsqmjhjibl.jpg
Another view of our living room :)

 photo IMG_4858 copy_zpsydwlbpkp.jpg

After taking lots of photos of the rooms, and going crazy over how awesome this marina view of Swan River… We decided that its time for our lunch, and we headed out to Mary Street Bakery (Yes again! Because we really love the food from yesterday, and wanted to give other dish a try too!)

 photo IMG_4684 copy_zpsfd2bhnft.jpg
And yes, we are back again! haha :)

 photo IMG_4865 copy_zps0xopgn5a.jpg
 photo IMG_4868 copy_zpss7zs2gmo.jpg
 photo IMG_4870 copy_zpsk0gsgz5k.jpg

Honestly, the food was okay, but will prefer the spread from yesterday meal. It is more delicious and tasty as compare :) And remember the well-known Salted Caramel Donut that both my friends love? Yes, we did takeaway this time :) But, it is best ate in the cafe than doing a takeaway :/

Our next destination will be Fremantle Prison, which is a former Australian prison used till 1991. We joined the tour, and its one of the most enjoyable tour I ever went in oversea. The guide is funny and lively while sharing many happenings with great descriptions what I can literally imagine it.

 photo IMG_4872 copy_zpscoicnhzn.jpg
 photo IMG_4877 copy_zpsowi6iefb.jpg
We were too early for our tour, and we were walking around the gift shop. I thought the soft toys – Prisoners & Police is really cute!!! No I didn’t buy it haha :)

 photo IMG_4878 copy_zpskzton9d1.jpg

And so, we started our Fremantle Prison Tour now :)

 photo IMG_4880 copy_zpsvl8s2dcb.jpg
After being convicted, and brought over to this place, you gonna surrender everything here.

 photo IMG_4884 copy_zps5onj39r6.jpg
 photo IMG_4886 copy_zps5rxqsaqd.jpg
 photo IMG_4890 copy_zpshugfzvi4.jpg
 photo IMG_4891 copy_zpsh2bmrloz.jpg
 photo IMG_4894 copy_zpscw61vcsq.jpg
 photo IMG_4895 copy_zpsmybw8cnq.jpg
 photo IMG_4896 copy_zpsq2vrxhje.jpg
The room are really small, but they have basically what a prisoner need! :)

 photo IMG_4897 copy_zpsohtbzxko.jpg
 photo IMG_4898 copy_zpsbiw5vn2c.jpg
 photo IMG_4899 copy_zpsxm9y7cob.jpg
Their daily schedule.

 photo IMG_4901 copy_zpsqq0xzzvk.jpg
 photo IMG_4902 copy_zps0scaqsqa.jpg
 photo IMG_4903 copy_zpsaxqio9nv.jpg
 photo IMG_4904 copy_zpsw8xik7cs.jpg
 photo IMG_4905 copy_zps5adml1gg.jpg
 photo IMG_4906 copy_zpskx7p678n.jpg
Another part of the main cell, which I forget for which purposes! :p

 photo IMG_4907 copy_zpsamwtdk8o.jpg
 photo IMG_4908 copy_zpsfhdl3lic.jpg
 photo IMG_4911 copy_zps5clbety3.jpg
 photo IMG_4915 copy_zpsfq3n9buy.jpg
 photo IMG_4916 copy_zpsjhroiy0y.jpg
This look even a smaller room.

 photo IMG_4918 copy_zps0nszei4m.jpg
Because it get too crowded, and they started to have bunk room for 2 pax.

 photo IMG_4919 copy_zpsbgvrmg3u.jpg
And this is really interesting, there’s someone who spent his time drawing on the wall. I have to say, he is a good artist!

 photo IMG_4922 copy_zpsa55wajqa.jpg
The drawing are well-drawn and well-coloured.

 photo IMG_4924 copy_zpsfuenehnk.jpg
 photo IMG_4926 copy_zpssfspgcfe.jpg
Some of them will “buy” radio or tv for leisure, but I am not sure how they actually buy it! haha :/

 photo IMG_4927 copy_zpsvwp2z2jk.jpg
 photo IMG_4928 copy_zpsppryulln.jpg
 photo IMG_4932 copy_zpsav5d1az4.jpg
We went to this room, and our guide close the door and off the light. And its really pitch dark, where he told us one of the prisoner that live inside for 23hours everyday with just bible. Its really scary because you cant even see anything in front of you! :(

 photo IMG_4935 copy_zpsiufgolf2.jpg
And this is the death sentence.

The tour ended with a blast, I have to say, its my first time enjoyed so much from a guided-tour. This tour is really interesting and we get to know more about how a prison operated and how a prisoner was brought into the prison since day 1. From how they going to surrender their everything > their room > their daily schedule > places that they have their free-time > facing stroke sentences etc.

I will recommend other friends to join the guided-tour too! :)

Before heading back to make our dinner, we wanted to get some nice food to prepare in our new accommodation :) Yeah! With really well-equipped hotel room, we can basically cook anything and everything too! hehehehe! :) So, as we were driving to Coles, we saw this beautiful big wall mural, that we can’t help it and stopped for photos! Yeah! :)

 photo IMG_4937 copy_zpsfadoomv1.jpg
 photo IMG_4940 copy_zpsu07hsgqu.jpg
 photo IMG_4943 copy_zpsxu9gymw9.jpg
 photo IMG_4947 copy_zpsvtvpaem1.jpg
 photo IMG_4958 copy_zps5r26qm2b.jpg
 photo IMG_4960 copy_zpsmzvadl4m.jpg
 photo IMG_4962 copy_zpsj9bletzg.jpg
 photo IMG_4963 copy_zpsmwfldbic.jpg

So, we bought our groceries and turned them into beautiful delicious meal! :) And thanks to Weiqi for the drinks that accompany our yummy dinner! :)

 photo IMG_4966 copy_zpsplyhvi5a.jpg
 photo IMG_4967 copy_zpsbxtlkodu.jpg
The salmon was really spicy and tasty that I keep telling teng, I doesn’t want to finish it up because its TOO NICE!!! :) And the baby spinach that is so yummy and loved by us is a must in every meal! :)


Perth Day 7: Exploring a little more in Fremantle

Lunch: Mary Street Bakery (Address:507 Beaufort St, Highgate WA 6003, Australia)
Dinner: Dinner at Coles (Address:40 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia)
Tourist: Fremantle Prison
Hotel: Pier 21 Apartment Hotel

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#fly2perth : Day 6 Day trip to Swan Valley

[Travel in October/November 2015]

I love Australia, I must repeatedly say this again and again. Few days before I wrote this entry, I just tell my friends how much I love Australia, and how much I want to be back. I was telling Teng while we cycling over the weekend that, need to wait for 2018 for Australia since we have other travel plans in 2017. We both know we miss Australia and wish to be back soon. haha :)

So back to our Perth trip, we gonna have our day trip out to Swan Valley and we will be heading to Mary Street Bakery which is a highly recommended cafe too! :) Yeah! Excited! :)

Today ride is by Zijie because he said, its always nicer to be on a road trip by convertible car, which we jolly happy agreed with it and off we go via his car! yeah! :) But the sun was so hot so hot, that probably made teng chaotar! haha, but I was still fine because I was sitting in front :p

 photo 20151104_110017 copy_zpsz3oktanj.jpgCould that be one of my favourite park? Wireless Hill Park, hahaha!

 photo IMG_4684 copy_zpsfd2bhnft.jpgHaving our brunch at Mary Street Bakery! :)

 photo IMG_4686 copy_zpsbiesxqkb.jpg
 photo IMG_4687 copy_zpsaitiew7i.jpg
 photo IMG_4688 copy_zpsnyfxstip.jpg
 photo IMG_4690 copy_zpsjza37yzs.jpg
Selca is a must :D

 photo IMG_4692 copy_zpsyk4xgaml.jpg

We decided to order 2 main course and 1 donuts, which I read that its a must-try in Mary Street Bakery!

 photo IMG_4695 copy_zpsxwbqhxrv.jpg
 photo IMG_4698 copy_zpst2dnvqq7.jpg
 photo IMG_4700 copy_zps7meqlaqp.jpg
Fried chicken buttermilk pancake peanuts maple chili with fried egg – AUD22

 photo IMG_4701 copy_zpsioezn91a.jpg
 photo IMG_4703 copy_zpstc83oaij.jpg
The must-eat Salted Caramel Donut that is a must-try! :)

 photo IMG_4706 copy_zpsefzvnwel.jpg
Look at that! :) I didn’t eat it since Im not a caramel person, but both my friends love it! :)

So we proceed our journey to Caversham Wildlife Park, which is part of our day trip to Swan Valley. Wildlife park is great because its one of the biggest collections of native wildlife in WA. Not only that, we get to meet and greet with some of the australia-beloved animal here! We also get to take photo with them too! Yipppee!

I’m really excited especially I can’t wait for the time to meet Koala real close-up! :)

We are in time for the meet-and-greet time with wombat! :) So, we headed over first and manage to catch other special and unique one living in this wildlife park :)

 photo IMG_4709 copy_zpsjhru5sho.jpg
 photo IMG_4710 copy_zpsjhx4bmzf.jpg
 photo IMG_4713 copy_zpsoj5k8z5c.jpg
 photo IMG_4715 copy_zpsxcmymhic.jpg
 photo IMG_4716 copy_zpss9pxcdxo.jpg
 photo IMG_4724 copy_zpszmrwxxm7.jpgand yes, we queue for a photo session with wombat! :)

 photo IMG_4725 copy_zpsodm9t91u.jpg
and it looks so big that I didn’t realise its actually a wombat?

 photo IMG_4726 copy_zpshtui7t6y.jpg
 photo IMG_4728 copy_zps7cb9bqfq.jpg
so, we also have a group photo! :)

Our next stop will be heading to meet my favourite Koala! My favourite animals gonna be the white tiger and koala bear, which we dont really get to see often here! :(

 photo IMG_4731 copy_zpsnzy9tvnt.jpg
 photo IMG_4738 copy_zpsrsepdiq5.jpg
 photo IMG_4740 copy_zpsu7nwbncd.jpg
aigoo, so cute so cute omg!

 photo IMG_4742 copy_zpss4jnl5bs.jpg
 photo IMG_4743 copy_zpsyhcbxcgf.jpg
I love them so much, I wish i can get to carry them too! :(

 photo IMG_4747 copy_zpsfwqpyaye.jpg
 photo IMG_4749 copy_zps3q4ruy1f.jpg
 photo IMG_4750 copy_zpsdi0tmeix.jpg
my closest :)

 photo IMG_4752 copy_zpsyu0bomfn.jpg
 photo IMG_4753 copy_zpsjkxnik5n.jpg
 photo IMG_4755 copy_zpstrbajzeg.jpg
when I took something like this, my friends comment, can take a soft toy and take too! :(

The weather is so hot, and we decide to have ice-cream time! :) So happy to have a break and have ice cream before heading under the sun again haha :p

 photo IMG_4764 copy_zpsut01epaq.jpg
 photo IMG_4767 copy_zpsyqqqfmlh.jpg
 photo IMG_4771 copy_zpsjjly7uwm.jpg
 photo IMG_4774 copy_zpsbmqprhtl.jpg
 photo IMG_4776 copy_zpsupaoj4ae.jpg
 photo IMG_4778 copy_zpst4sbbbrd.jpg
sleepy kangaroo! They are slightly smaller than those I see in Tasmania which is so a little scary!

 photo IMG_4783 copy_zpsgzymxq3x.jpg
 photo IMG_4784 copy_zpsl8frxbks.jpg
 photo IMG_4786 copy_zpsjom3oihq.jpg
 photo IMG_4789 copy_zps0nmqku85.jpg
 photo IMG_4790 copy_zpsh1bngzjs.jpg
Bar-bar-black-sheep, have you any wool?

 photo IMG_4791 copy_zpsoyxecc1j.jpg
 photo IMG_4798 copy_zpslj4myvwb.jpg
shit, we have the same colour haha

So, we proceed our journey and stopover at Sandalford Winery, which is the oldest and largest family owned winery in Perth. It’s really pretty :)

 photo IMG_4799 copy_zpsv6w0rej9.jpg
 photo 20151104_162242 copy_zpstkxfmhrh.jpg
 photo 20151104_162253 copy_zpstpql3vb8.jpg
 photo IMG_4806 copy_zpszk2bmsev.jpg
 photo IMG_4818 copy_zpsei6h7fau.jpg
 photo IMG_4819 copy_zpstwzgylua.jpg
Look what my friend did!

So, we headed back, and before that, we went up to King Park for a visit :) We heard King Park is really pretty. We supposed to pick up Weiqi, and so sad she is so so sick that she can’t join us!

 photo IMG_4824 copy_zps8dgbakcb.jpg
 photo IMG_4828 copy_zps62bxck69.jpg
 photo 20151104_174607 copy_zpslxa76555.jpg
the entire look from high up at King Park is pretty spectacular! :)

 photo IMG_4832 copy_zpsdjg7qy4s.jpg
Group photo! :)

 photo IMG_4834 copy_zpsejyuksdv.jpg
Lavender is pretty, my favourite!

After that we headed over to Little Creatures Brewery to meet Junfong and his family. Perth is a little crazy in traffic during peak hours, and we get to experience it. So sorry that we gotta real late for our dinner with junfong and family! :(

 photo 20151104_214627 copy_zpsrlwccbwc.jpg
Photo was really bad because of the poor lighting in the LCB, but to document everything down, I still post it :/

 photo IMG_4835 copy_zpsvtqjaefi.jpg
 photo IMG_4839 copy_zpseqzceknu.jpg
 photo IMG_4841 copy_zpsoj2m6bd7.jpg
 photo IMG_4842 copy_zps2rgz3ojp.jpg
 photo IMG_4845 copy_zpsrs1me5xz.jpg
 photo 20151104_214618 copy_zpsbl7mpz7p.jpg

Perth Day 6: Day trip to Swan Valley

Lunch: Mary Street Bakery (Address:507 Beaufort St, Highgate WA 6003, Australia)
Dinner: Little Creature Brewery (Address:40 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia)
Tourist: Caversham Wildlife Park, Sandalford Winery, King’s Park :)
Airbnb: Email me if you want the Airbnb contact because, I’m not sure if its legal to post the contact right here ^^

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#fly2perth : Day 5 Rottnest Island

[Travel in October/November 2015]

Have you heard about Quokka? When I first known of Quokka was a series of selfie photos with them smiling widely. And my first reaction was “OMG! SO CUTE! I WANT A SELFIE WITH QUOKKA TOO!” They belongs to the kangaroos and wallabies family that makes them looks really cute in bunny size :)

During the planning of this Perth trip, the most exciting of the trip was this Rottnest Island trip :) We get really excited and share with Zijie whom staying in Perth at that moment, and decided to go for this island trip together! :) We bought our ferry ticket with Zijie’s network help haha, which I can’t really remember the price for now :/

 photo 20151102_090801 copy_zps8pxvrwdv.jpgBy the roadside outside our airbnb :) waiting for Zijie to pick us up and head over to the ferry terminal for our island trip! wooho!!! :)

 photo IMG_4481 copy_zpsycvagh0n.jpg
Collected the ticket, and bought a little breakfast before our ferry! :)

 photo 20151103_091902 copy_zpsuq5md3t8.jpg
 photo IMG_4482 copy_zps9hswq4w0.jpgReached Rottnest Island – yeah yeah! :) 

 photo IMG_4483 copy_zpsgnqctr7h.jpg
Look who welcome us when we reached! :)

 photo IMG_4484 copy_zpsn0bnhygy.jpg
 photo IMG_4485 copy_zps9druwfrl.jpg
 photo IMG_4486 copy_zpsqexmrsiu.jpg
 photo IMG_4487 copy_zpsbahyoflf.jpg
 photo IMG_4489 copy_zpszwtvslad.jpg
 photo IMG_4491 copy_zps5epaqril.jpg
 photo IMG_4492 copy_zpsumkrle5o.jpg
The island is so pretty, grass is green and water is blue! :)

 photo IMG_4495 copy_zpsav3m2o3y.jpg
Group photo is a must! yeah! :)

 photo IMG_4497 copy_zpsecnoerq1.jpg
and we rented our bike to cycle around the island! woohooo! :)

 photo IMG_4498 copy_zpskam02awu.jpg
 photo IMG_4502 copy_zps7dgvr9ek.jpg
 photo IMG_4508 copy_zpstk0xhxvz.jpg

You will see many many photos taken during this island trip. We cycled, rest and took many photos that we could. Its a tiring yet fun cycling experience! I shall photo spam next, beware :P

 photo IMG_4512 copy_zpsnbludjmn.jpg
 photo IMG_4518 copy_zpsj2t8yy3l.jpg
 photo IMG_4519 copy_zpsy85y6hcx.jpg
 photo IMG_4524 copy_zps1xoovgrq.jpg
 photo IMG_4527 copy_zpsuzxwqgmr.jpg
 photo IMG_4534 copy_zpsddz8nw5v.jpg
 photo IMG_4535 copy_zpsctuukrm1.jpg
 photo IMG_4548 copy_zpspndmzpce.jpg
 photo IMG_4555 copy_zpsynuvsvwv.jpg
 photo IMG_4556 copy_zpscrmtrkpy.jpg
 photo IMG_4560 copy_zpsklxj7cvf.jpg photo 20151103_130733 copy_zpsx2c77t7v.jpg
 photo IMG_4562 copy_zpscnyxqtdj.jpg
 photo IMG_4580 copy_zpsvh8pzvdi.jpg
 photo IMG_4581 copy_zpsm5tf7cs5.jpg
 photo IMG_4583 copy_zpsdrptrcaq.jpg
Can someone tell me why my friend like this……

 photo IMG_4585 copy_zpsm3i5szt8.jpg
and like that HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

 photo IMG_4587 copy_zpsadrqlryy.jpg photo IMG_4610 copy_zpsks7hzud8.jpg

and towards the end of our cycling trip, we saw this little one, and this little one enjoy taking photo alot. So, we took selca with it! :)

 photo IMG-20151103-WA0057 copy_zpswtk5q8gi.jpg photo IMG-20151103-WA0090 copy_zpsf0lczvvq.jpg
 photo IMG-20151103-WA0077 copy_zpsastpilcy.jpg
we did same action together! :P

 photo IMG-20151103-WA0078 copy_zpsd4ehggvl.jpg
and again :p

we returned our bicycles and headed our super late lunch at Aristos Waterfront Rottnest :)

 photo IMG_4614 copy_zpshjhl44hw.jpg
We ordered a seafood platter for sharing. This seafood platter is for 2, but since most of us are small eater, its really more than enough for 3 of us. Seafood Platter consist of 1/2 lobster mornay, calamari, BBQ prawns, scallops, oysters kilpatrick, grilled and fried fish served with fresh salad and homemade sauce

 photo 20151103_153427 copy_zps4qkdx4zd.jpg
And we had Oyster’s cheer! :) Friendship Cheers! We basically grow up together and seen through each other good & bad! haha :p

 photo IMG_4604 copy_zps9jlmyupz.jpg
It looks more pink in real life! :)

 photo IMG-20151103-WA0103 copy_zpsgfid4abt.jpg
 photo IMG_4615 copy_zpsthty3s53.jpg

I was sharing with ZJ that actually, we wanted to take a Air Taxi, but its really expensive because we can’t confirm the number of us taking the air taxi. So once we talked about it in the ferry, he decided to call his friend for some “lobang!” and yes, we got it, and not very expensive, less than $100/per pax for such experience! :) All thanks to ZJ’s help! :) So we forgo our return ferry and took Air Taxi back to the Perth city instead :)

 photo IMG_4617 copy_zpsambi8el9.jpg
This is the plane we going to take, and leave Rottnest Island! Woohoo! :)

 photo IMG_4620 copy_zpsp8ftz2ly.jpg
Before the flight took off, we took a picture with our pilot! :)

 photo IMG_4624 copy_zps53gwnpxw.jpg
we are all ready, a little nervous, a little excited. You know no matter how much you can hear from the pilot conversation, you still get to hear very very loud flight engine too. Mixture of nervous and everything does make me a little worries, so, I took many selca and the scenery out of the plane too. :)

 photo IMG_4626 copy_zpssddpnxmj.jpg
 photo IMG_4630 copy_zpsfzzpzkgs.jpg
Did you see Rottnest wording?

 photo IMG_4631 copy_zpsvuhhmt6k.jpg
Leaving the island! :)

 photo IMG_4633 copy_zps1renamxj.jpg
Nice blue sea! :)

 photo IMG_4634 copy_zpsgvaugfhc.jpg
 photo IMG_4637 copy_zpswlr8jqkm.jpg
 photo IMG_4639 copy_zpsyhgvqbmx.jpg
and our pilot told us to look at the left because there’s a whale flipping! :)

 photo IMG_4642 copy_zpswznykdke.jpg
See the whale?

 photo IMG_4644 copy_zpshg6f9lvz.jpg
and it flip! :DDDDD

 photo IMG_4648 copy_zpsjs2xslx9.jpg
That’s Fremantle! We just had dinner the day before there! :)

 photo IMG_4649 copy_zpsgi8lmexy.jpg
 photo IMG_4651 copy_zpsun3tkzbp.jpg
Little houses in australia looks really much like what we usually see on tv, and even not the first time I see it, I feel really excited :p

 photo IMG_4653 copy_zpsz1wsgjhe.jpg
and we safely arrive! WoohooO!! :) Our pilot was really nice to drop off us at the ferry terminal carpark! :)

 photo IMG_4662 copy_zpsqggjhupt.jpg
 photo IMG_4666 copy_zpscfnogdpc.jpg

Its a long tiring day, no doubt, the cycling under the hot sun really worn us off. We decided to rest a little, before meeting up again like 8 for dinner together :)

We went to Old Swan Brewery along the Perth along Swan River, which makes the atmosphere and scenery perfect :)

 photo IMG_4669 copy_zpsjqvk5io1.jpg
Garlic bread was good, to the point :)

 photo IMG_4671 copy_zpszq3ay6oz.jpg
The sauces and topping and everything that you need to eat with the beef :)

 photo IMG_4672 copy_zpsurwstmon.jpg
Here come the beef, I can’t remember the name for it, since its like 9 months ago! :p But, I remembered all my friends love it and saying how good the meat was :)

 photo IMG_4674 copy_zpsaswpncva.jpg
Mashed potatoes :)

 photo IMG_4675 copy_zpsx7qqjesi.jpg
 photo IMG_4678 copy_zpsfxc7hzgn.jpg
Soft shell crab! :)

 photo IMG_4682 copy_zpsl0sqppfr.jpg
A table of good food and definitely….

 photo IMG_4680 copy_zpszrdodyqb.jpg
Good Companions! :D Thank you for bringing us around! :D


Perth Day 5: Rottnest Island

Lunch: Aristos Waterfront Rottnest (Address:Colebatch Ave, Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia)
Dinner: Old Swan Brewery (Address: 173 Mounts Bay Road, Perth Western Australia)
Tourist: Cycling around Rottnest Island, and Air Taxi back to Perth City
Airbnb: Email me if you want the Airbnb contact because, I’m not sure if its legal to post the contact right here ^^

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#fly2perth : Day 4 To Perth City

[Travel in October 2015]

Yes, I have heard too many friends sharing how boring Perth is, and they didn’t want a return trip. I guessed, this is because Perth closed at 5pm and that’s make everyone think its nothing but boring. Come to think about it, there’s plenty of road trips we can do, and many outdoor activities we can do together with our friends and family. And in fact, they didn’t really closed at 5pm at places like Fremantle! :)

For the past 3 entries I shared, was more like living in a countryside, with minimum and enjoyed the scenery and everything we could with the resources in the house. Pretty fun, like I always say, its a type of Australia trip I always wanted. Such a healing trip for me :)

So on our 4th day, we decided to head over to the City! We have so much agenda that day! We are going to shop at Pandora, visit the well-known Target, and most importantly, meeting my friend Andrew and his family, which I insist that he must bring the little one along :)

 photo IMG_4433 copy_zpsli0iotdt.jpgAre we lucky to see Jacarandas Tree here? My favourite colour – Purple. Its so pretty and so excited to see the tree filled with pretty purple flowers!

Heard that Perth City carpark is really expensive and many encourage us to just take the train over. Hence, we decided to park at the carpark next to the Fremantle Station! :)

 photo IMG_4435 copy_zpsfp6wjtss.jpg
 photo IMG_4439 copy_zpsowhqfirb.jpgWe dressed very confusing because teng dressed like summer while I dressed like winter! :)

 photo IMG_4440 copy_zpsdszljofp.jpgThe one way train ticket cost us 4.50AUD, considering a little pricey!

Something to take note, while we were moving around, we realised, the wilson carpark at the city is costing not more than 20AUD which we thought wasn’t as expensive as what most people mentioned. So with the fare costing 9AUD x 2 + our carpark fee 10AUD, which sum up quite expensive! So, this is something you can take note!!! :)

Moving around the city, checking out shops. Its like another modern shopping city, where you get to see high-rise building and many branded stores! :)

Met Andrew and family at La Veen Coffee & Kitchen, which looks pretty good. Its been so long we last met, was it before both Andrew & Valene left for Perth? And now they are upgrade to daddy and mummy of little Vivienne :)

 photo IMG_4444 copy_zpsvysx88uu.jpg photo IMG_4442 copy_zpsuxjiak9n.jpg
The menu actually looks good and there’s so much to order but the stomach is not big enough! :(

 photo IMG_4445 copy_zpsbitlqlaa.jpg
 photo IMG_4446 copy_zpsptdqancs.jpg
Signature Tiramisu, i didn’t ate it but Teng said its pretty good! :)

 photo IMG_4449 copy_zpst0468l0w.jpgI remembered when it came, I was like, omg, this looks so pretty, I need to take a photo of this haha!

 photo IMG_4451 copy_zpsbvuvk3ev.jpg
 photo IMG_4453 copy_zpstybjpatq.jpg
 photo IMG_4455 copy_zpsvu5m8hpz.jpg

Brunch was good!

 photo IMG_4457 copy_zpsseaveksd.jpg
Hi Baby Vivienne! She was so cute, sitting so stable on the chair and moving her body left and right, so cute so cute, can I bring her home haha! :)

 photo IMG_4460 copy_zpslycx5beq.jpg
 photo IMG_4461 copy_zpssfokfr7k.jpg
 photo IMG_4463 copy_zpsuyarsd5w.jpgThank you Andrew & Valene for your time, and the great lunch! :)

So glad to see your own friend settle down good and happy especially in a foreign country! I know Andrew for 13 years, remembering those days when the 4 of us (yingseah, joy, fala and me) kept asking him to buy our lunch for us and ordering the same because we cant decide. Going through some homework that we can’t do, and he will helped us along the way! Thank you! :) Its been good to see you again, and hopefully soon! Come back and find us when you are free too! :)

Teng said, I picked a good spot, like right outside Prada haha!

 photo IMG_4466 copy_zpslavdm9z3.jpgLooks, we are happy with the purchases, there’s bag within bags too! And, I got some purchases from Pandora too! Got some xmas gift for my cousins and friends, and helped my cousin to get a brand new bracelet+charms as well.

If you are someone who love Pandora, and wanted to visit Australia, you can buy the charms/bracelet there because its alot cheaper as compare to even US. On top of that, you can get tax refund too. Good deal! :)

 photo IMG_4467 copy_zps5ryvibpo.jpg

London Court, my friends told us its a must-to-visit because the building are nice, and many many tourist will take a memorial photo here! So, we decided to find a cafe there and have a drink. You know, shopping is tiring haha!

The building actually remind me alot of Harry Potter, where he bought his wand at Diagon Alley. Not exactly alike, but you get what I mean. haha!

 photo IMG_4469 copy_zpsyp5wfrex.jpg
 photo IMG_4474 copy_zpsibggksvw.jpg photo 20151102_151221 copy_zpsltefpodx.jpg
 photo IMG_4475 copy_zpsxdmauqig.jpgSitting down for a drink can make us happier. Soon, we realise its near 5pm, and its about time to take the subway back. Staying in Perth does make one healthier.

 photo 20151102_160604 copy_zpsptpc5mio.jpg
This is how the subway station looks like. So pretty! :)

 photo 20151101_175807 copy_zpsn4heuu2i.jpgwalked over to the Coles next to the carpark. Love visiting supermarket because their food section is really awesome, they have almost everything and things that we didn’t get to see often. We bought some groceries for our dinner later. And this definitely spell baby spinach. yes, we always buy baby spinach because they really taste super crunchy and fresh! :)

 photo IMG_4480 copy_zpslb66pycy.jpg
Love our white table so much that, it helps alot when taking photo. We still have 2 more serving from the home made pasta from the day before. So, we are having yummy Seafood cream pasta with our all-time-favourite spinach! :)

 photo IMG_4478 copy_zpsaptk4ze2.jpgClearly view of our awesome dinner! :)


Perth Day 4 : Perth City

Lunch: La Veen Coffee & Kitchen (Address:90 King St, Perth WA 6000, Australia)
Dinner: Coles
Tourist: Perth City – London Courts/ Target / City of Perth
Airbnb: Email me if you want the Airbnb contact because, I’m not sure if its legal to post the contact right here ^^

Follow #fly2perth on Instagram to know more about what we did during our trip in Perth! :)